Robotics for a more humane world

We create expressive robots to improve people’s quality of life, helping autistic children, teaching school subjects, assisting in research in various fields, and representing companies at events.

Interface Intuitiva

Intuitive Interface

Simplified usage for your daily routine and intuitive web interface for programming your own content.


Integration with Other Technologies

The Beo features Alexa interface for conversation, as well as implementation in ROS and Bluetooth API for integration with new tools.


Expressive and charismatic

It generates engagement and captures the attention of children and adults wherever it goes..


Your Data Protected

Camera and microphone information is not stored remotely, so you have your privacy and your customers’ privacy assured.

100% customizable

We use 3D printing technology to customize any part of the robot, from colors to branding it as a mascot for your brand.

Assistência Nacional

National Assistance

The Beo robot is fully developed and manufactured in Brazil, ensuring easy access for maintenance and direct support with the robot creators.



The Qiron Robotics

Qiron Robotics was founded by two robotics researchers who had a dream of bringing their discoveries from the laboratory to society. Over the years, our team has grown and today we are made up of experienced professionals in engineering, design, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

We are committed to bringing the humanization of technology to a new level of comfort and connection, especially through education and support for mental health. Our commitment is to create and develop robots that can interact with people in a natural and expressive way, as well as the possibility of integrating innovative tools through APIs.


Clients and Partners

We have already worked with several companies to generate engagement in events and brand activations. In partnership with large institutions, we have also developed content and tools to impact children’s learning and behavior. Check out some examples of those who already work with us.

Let’s innovate?!

Discover how Beo can increase your brand’s engagement with your customers.