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Beo is the most fun and innovative way to enhance children’s learning. It is a robot designed to increase attention and perception, especially among young learners, during the learning process. It interacts in a natural and expressive way to generate meaningful experiences and student engagement both inside and outside the classroom. In addition, Beo is customizable for creating messages to attract new students and increasing engagement on social media. If you are looking for an innovative solution to improve your students’ learning and behavior in class, Beo is the ideal solution for your school!

Divulgação Espontânea

Unprompted Publicity

Beo generates interest in the school community through its charisma. By fostering curiosity and empathy, it creates spontaneous publicity among parents and in the media.

Experiência de Aprendizado

Support for Specialized Educational Assistance

Personalize the experiences in the Support for Specialized Educational Assistance classroom for each child and provide a playful environment to support specialized care.

Experiência de Aprendizado

Learning Experience

Interacting in a natural, expressive, and friendly manner with children, the robot creates a more remarkable and meaningful learning experience.

Conteúdos Prontos e Personalizados

Pre-made and Customized Content

We offer pre-made lesson plans for immediate use and also an intuitive online interface that gives teachers the freedom to include their own content.

Standing out is Necessary

With Beo, your school will stand out from the competition, increasing interest in your brand. Beo allows you to create a greater connection with your target audience during school visits, generating more presence for your brand and thus increasing the chances of closing new enrollments. In addition, Beo helps to create relationships with other companies and gain more contact with the media, ensuring that more people know about your brand.

Sala de Aula




Vídeos Personalizados

Customized Videos

Sala de AEE

Specialized Educational Assistance Rooms


What are the benefits of using the Beo robot in the classroom?

Beo robot is an innovative tool that can enhance the teaching process and interaction among children in the classroom. It increases the attention and perception of the young audience during learning, creating meaningful experiences and promoting entertainment, empathy, and engagement.

How do teachers use the robot in practice?

Our solution offers pre-made lesson plans that can be applied from the first day of class. Additionally, teachers have the freedom to include their own content through an intuitive web interface and integrate the tool into the methodology they believe in the most, enhancing the quality of education.

What are the technological resources that make up the Beo robot?

Beo robot is equipped with image and sound sensors, a high-quality voice system, two OLED screens to represent emotions, an embedded computing system, and integration with an Android application. Additionally, we are constantly evolving the solution, and with each version, the robot gains more features.

How does the school receive a return on investment?

In addition to the benefits in the school’s main activity, which helps establish the school’s brand as innovative, the Beo robot is a powerful marketing tool. Beo has features for message customization to prospect new students and increase engagement on social media, making it a strategic choice for the school. Furthermore, it provides support to specialized support professionals, raising the perception of value within the school community.

What are the costs associated with the use of the Beo robot?

The costs associated with the use of the Beo robot vary according to the purpose and needs of each client. Schedule a conversation so we can discuss more about your use case and create a personalized proposal for your reality. With our expertise, we guarantee that you will get the best possible return on investment with our robot.

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