For RD&I

Beo is the ideal tool for researchers and developers who want to include robotics in their projects, regardless of their background. The intuitive interface allows you to program interactions without needing to understand the code. Additionally, if you want to delve deeper and conduct more technical research, the robot features APIs and a ROS system for you to develop your own integrations. Discover Beo and explore the power of robotics!

Facilidade de Programação

Ease of Programming

Delve into the technical aspects according to your background. We offer a visual interface for programming interactions, as well as APIs for integration and a ROS system.



Beo uses Dynamixel motors, which facilitate the adaptation of 3D printed parts and have an open communication protocol for hardware integrations.

Comunidade de Desenvolvedores

Developer Community

Various integration possibilities are supported by the community of components that make up the robot system, such as Raspberry and Ubuntu.

Suporte Garantido

Guaranteed Support

Develop your research with peace of mind with our guarantee adapted to the estimated time of your project.

An Ocean of Possibilities

Beo enables professionals from various fields to create projects that go beyond local impact research. With Beo, you have the possibility to create dynamic and fun interactions, as well as having a non-intrusive agent for monitoring and measurements. Through the partnership between the company and the project’s stakeholders, we help transform your work into an application that can impact society and still bring you a well-deserved return. Create applications that will truly make a difference in people’s lives.



Sala de Aula







In what kind of application can I use the Beo robot?

Beo robot is a versatile vehicle for development in various areas, being suitable for a variety of applications. It is already successfully used in areas such as education, health, communication, and marketing. If your project is not in these areas, but involves technology and has human interaction as an important part, it is likely that the Beo robot will help humanize this interaction.

How do I program the Beo robot?

Beo robot allows for configuration at different levels of complexity. For professionals with little or no programming experience, an intuitive web interface is provided for programming content and associating it with the mechanisms that will initiate interactions. Programmers seeking to extract more of the robot’s integration capabilities have access to the web programming API and Bluetooth interaction. Finally, researchers working directly with robotics development can integrate their tools through ROS libraries.

What are the technological resources that make up the Beo robot?

Beo robot is equipped with image and sound sensors, a high-quality voice system, two OLED screens to represent emotions, an embedded computing system, and integration with an Android app. In addition, we are always evolving the solution, and with each version, the robot gains more features.

How can I bring my project to the market?

Qiron Robotics is a startup that partners with companies and educational institutions looking to bring their robotics application ideas to the market. We are partners from the initial steps of project development to replicable integration. Don’t let your project get stuck in a case study. Achieve proportional gains to your results with our help.

What are the costs associated with using the Beo robot??

The costs associated with using the Beo robot vary according to the purpose and needs of each client. Schedule a conversation so we can discuss more about your use case and, thus, elaborate a personalized proposal for your reality. With our expertise, we guarantee that you will get the best possible return on investment in our robot.

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Discover how Beo can increase your brand’s engagement with your customers.