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If you are a therapist looking for a more playful solution to improve understanding, assimilation, and attention to the message of mental health, the Beo robot is ideal for you! Facilitate message comprehension in a fun and effective way to engage patients. With Beo, therapists have an easier time anticipating or producing insights in their sessions.

Prevenção de Problemas Psicológicos

Prevention of Psychological Problems

It improves awareness of mental health, helping to prevent problems such as anxiety, depression, burnout, stress, and PTSD.

Melhor Assimilação da Mensagem

Better Message Assimilation

Produce quick insights in patients, creating an empathetic connection to convey mental health messages.

Comunicação Lúdica

Playful Communication

Create an environment that stimulates the sharing of feelings, fears, and anxieties with the comfort and safety generated by the playful nature of the robot.



Children learn more easily, with more focus and concentration through the consistent expressions and behaviors of the robot.

Standing out is Necessary

When hiring mental health services, patients seek more than just simple treatments, they want personalized and updated care. The use of advanced technologies such as the Beo robot makes the clinic a more innovative option for patients, allowing it to stand out from the competition. The clinic stands out by offering playful solutions that facilitate the assimilation of the message of mental health, improving the quality of its services. In addition, Beo helps to create relationships with other companies and to obtain more contact with the media, ensuring that more people know about your brand.


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"What are the benefits of using the Beo robot?

Beo robot is a playful tool that helps therapists improve understanding, assimilation, and attention in mental health intervention, assisting in patient instruction and care. It creates an environment of trust and security that allows patients to share their feelings, fears, and anxieties more easily, as if they were telling their stories to their toys or companions.

How do I use the robot in practice?

The Beo robot is an excellent tool for providing care and instructions to patients through personalized messages triggered by the professional. The robot’s ability to generate empathy is of great help to therapists seeking to improve understanding and assimilation of content during the session.

What are the technological features that make up the Beo robot?"

Beo robot is equipped with image and sound sensors, a high-quality voice system, two OLED screens to represent emotions, an onboard computing system, and integration with an Android app. In addition, we are constantly evolving the solution, and with each version, the robot gains more features.

How does the clinic get return on investment?

Based on our experiences, we can confidently say that the use of the robot enhances the clinic’s brand and leads to an increase in demand for the services offered. Additionally, it is possible to charge a higher fee for consultations that utilize this cutting-edge technology.

What are the costs associated with using the Beo robot?

The costs associated with using the Beo robot vary according to the purpose and needs of each client. Schedule a conversation so we can discuss more about your use case and create a personalized proposal for your reality. With our expertise, we guarantee that you will get the best possible return on investment with our robot.

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